Major General Mahmudul Hasan Adarsha College, established in the heart of the Tangail City, is considered as the greatest achievement in education of Major General (Retd.) Mahmudul Hasan. It was founded in 1989 AD. Though the introductory segment was very peaceful and rosy, it had to face numerous ups and downs and yet this educational institution is standing straight with pride. By this time, this institution has made its own distinguished place in the national perspective as well. Among at least 24 educational institutions founded by the same great man, this is the best in all dimensions.


In the business office of a prominent businessman, Alhaj Abul Hosen, a meeting was held on 5th May in 1989 AD at Chhoy Ani Bazar at the call of the then Tangail Pauro Sava Chairman, Mr. Shawkat Ali Talukder. The meeting was attended by the famous physician Dr. H. R. Khan, Jinnat Ali, a renowned contractor, Mr. Abdus Salam Chakladar, a lawyer and politician, Journalist Kamrul Hasan Chowdhury and Abdus Sabur Khan Birbikram.


These reputed people exchanged their ideas and opinions for establishing a college in the town. Later on, according to the unanimous decision, another large meeting was called in the building of Central Co-operation Bank (Kendrio Samabay Bank Bhabhan) with the then D.C. Mr. Nazmul Ahsan in the chair. The attention and the effective initiatives of Mr. Mahmudul Hasan may be the only way of the actualization of this plan and for that reason Mr. General was made the chief guest of the meeting. The former State Minister and MP Nur Mohammad Khan of Nagarpur was a special guest in the meeting. Among others, all the MPs of Tangail, the Upazilla Chairman, some valiant freedom fighters, politicians, teachers, journalists, lawyers, A.D.M. Abdul Hannan and several officers of the district administration were present there.


Putting forward the matter of proper leadership and management of finance, the members participating in the meeting considered Major General (Retd.) Mahmudul Hasan, the then Honourable Minister, reliable for the great act and they unanimously took decision to give the Minister this great responsibility. Especially, Shajahan Seraj, the Reader of the Manifestation of the Liberation War and a distinguished freedom fighter and a politician, and Nur Mohammad Khan mentioned different qualities of Mahmudul Hasan and supported Mahmudul Hasan as the right man for the job strongly. Mr. Hasan welcomed their opinions, supports and enterprise liberally and he himself took all the responsibilities for establishing the college thanking all.


At one stage, Mr. Shawkat Talukder proposed that the name of the college would be “Major General Mahmudul Hasan College”. All the personalities present in the meeting, supported this proposal with one voice by clapping their hands. Mr. General smilingly accepted the proposal and said, “But, the word adarsha (ideal) must be with the name. The college would be free from politics, terrorism and corruption and it would be a clean education centre.”  All the participants gladly seconded his intention.


The activities began accordingly. All the arrangements of the establishment of the college went on in full swing. The academic activities began with the HSC session 1989-1990 in the Old Court Building in the heart of the Tangail City. This yard was a haunt for the derailed people. Mr. General conducted an expedition of cleaning and repairing the building, the college campus and its neighbourhood by spending several lakhs of taka and made the abandoned place usable.


Mr. Minister gave all the necessary things to conduct the college. Mr. Khoda Bakhsha Mia, a famous Ex-Principal of Government Sadaat College, Tangail was given the responsibility for conducting the college. He did his duty as the first Principal of the college for nearly two and a half rears. In 1990, a public movement against the government arose and a great change came in the state and for political cause the Minister had to remain in the prison. The college became protect less. Mr. Principal Khoda Bakhsha Mia had to face a dire situation, enmity of the opportunities, lack of money and many other impediments. On the other hand, he also did not have the age and physical soundness to bear the brunt. As a consequence, he resigned on 31st December in 1991 AD. Mr. Md. Delowar Hossain, a lecturer of the Department of Political Science, was given the acting Principal-ship on 31st December 1991 AD.


Khondoker Ahammadul Haque assumed office as the new principal on June 10 in 1992 AD. He also had to face many crisis and adverse situations. The then administration also kept threatening to oust the college by cancelling the lease of land through contrivance accompanied by the conspiracy of the vested group. Some people expressed their evil desire to build a market by ousting the college. At one point, finding no other way, Principal Haque sought refuge in Mr. General and his wife Hosne Ara Hassan and discussed with them on the basis of urgency. At that time Begum Hosne Ara encouraged him with high intelligence and assured that she would do everything necessary to retain the recognition of the college and commence its degree classes besides paying the money of leases as claimed by the administration. And then this money was no more needed. Later on, under the strong leadership of General Hasan and his wife Hosne Ara Hasan along with the support of the teachers, academic activities of the college moved forward overcoming all the obstacles.


Within a few years of establishment, the institution continued advancing, keeping its reputation and the signature of success on environment of education, qualitative traits, results, sports, cultural activities and extra-curricular activities. In the year of 2003, in the National Education Week, the institution was awarded with Gold Medal for being selected as the best educational institution at national level by the then President (HE).


Mr. Md. Sohrab Hossain, a teacher of Management Department, took over as acting principal of this college. He was in the post of the acting principal for about eight years till 5 May 2013. Then, in accordance with the government and official rules for appointing the lecturers of three subjects (Bangla, Economics, Civics) and one office peon along with regular Principal and Vice-Principal, Mr. Yusuf Ali Mia, Assistant Professor of Bengali, was empowered with the acting Principal-ship. He handed over power to newly appointed Principal after performing due process of recruitment on 13 October in the year of 2013. The current principal Mr. Md. Abdur Rahman and Vice-Principal Mr. Mohammad Aminul Islam are conducting all activities excellently with the help of Governing Body (GB) and teachers-staffs keeping and nursing the past tradition in heart.

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