Message from the Founder

“Education enlightens the human soul. There is no alternative to acquiring individual rights and national enrichment.” So, it is said, “Education is the key to the backbone of a nation.” Not only that education is the key to prosperity. The importance and significance of these two outstanding universal messages are beyond measure to the citizens of the civilised nations or developed world. We shall not be able to lead our state structure to the desired goal until we understand what “backbone” is or how much its role or importance to conduct and control the human body.


The works which I myself have done in the education fields in my native district and outside district are derived from this feeling. Like other educational institutions of mine, Major General Mahmudul Hasan Adarsha College in the heart of the Tangail town is also a fruit of my many other dreamy plans. Centering around this institution, my dreams are expanding. Besides this, the main building of the college bears the holy memory of my most loving son Shahriar Hasan (Late) and for that, I have a special mental weakness for this.


This college has already achieved name and fame all over the country as it has the congruent atmosphere for education, desired results and it is also free from politics, smoking, and terror.


To keep these ideal traits of this college, I am always getting unhesitating support and co-operation of people inspective of political parties, social positions. For this I have limitless gratitude towards them. I think that this achievement does not go only to me rather than it is a pride for all the citizens of Tangail now. So, I am trying to conduct this college in accordance with transparency and well disciplined rules and regulations. In this case, I do not have any lack of individual effort and devotion. As long as I confine to live, I shall keep working wholeheartedly for the all out well being of the institution if Allah wants.


In fine, I wish for the full welfare of the people concerned.



Thank you and Allah Hafiz


Major General (Retd.) Mahmudul Hasan

Founder of Major General Mahmudul Hasan Adarsha College, Tangail

and Former Home Minister of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh.