Message from the Vice-Principal

‘The woods are lovely, dark, and deep

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.’

                                                                      – Robert Frost


Major General (Retd.) Mahmudul Hasan has realized the actual meaning of the above lines from the great American Poet Robert Frost. A man is born not only for himself but also for others. Every man has duties to do something for the mankind before his everyday sleep and his final sleep. Mr. Mahmudul Hasan has understood that human life is transitory and a man lives by his deeds but not by his years. Some people are born not to die but to remain immortal. Mahmudul Hasan is such a man who will never die as his benevolent activities will keep him alive. Among his many types of good work, establishing educational institutions that include Mosques, Temples, Schools, Madrasas and Colleges, Major General Mahmudul Hasan Adarsha College is one of them. It was the absence of a really standard educational institution in the area and the expectation of the citizens that led to the idea of establishing an institution of very lofty statures. Major General (Retd.) Mahmudul Hasan, a man of mythic statures founded this grand college in Tangail to meet the growing demand and appeal. It is a University College now having Degree classes (BA, BSS, BBS, BSc) and Honours courses in different subjects (Bangla, Political Science, Social Work, Economics, Management, Accounting). As we are the inhabitants of the global village of high-tech world, we are fully aware of providing the students with pedagogic, technological, scientific and everyday use knowledge.


Major General Mahmudul Hasan Adarsha College provides a friendly and stimulating atmosphere for learning. This grand institution arranges all types of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which always keep the learners live and jubilant. The Governing Body headed by Alhaj Md. Sanowar Hossain, Honorable Member of the Parliament, 134, Tangail-5 (Sadar), Bangladesh Parliament though most of the time the founder, Mr. Mahmudul Hasan had been the President of the Governing Body from its inception, is always on the alert to increase the standard of the college. The well trained teaching body is very conscious and caring and the others concerned are also very dutiful and responsible. The results of this college every year are always enviable. For all of its qualities, this college has drawn the special attention of the students as well as the guardians across the country. I hope that our concerted sincere efforts will bring more cumulative success for the nation in future.


Thanking all


Mohammad Aminul Islam (Uzzal)


Major General Mahmudul Hasan Adarsha College,


Contact Number: +88-01712-218361